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Frequently asked questions

Affiliate program

You can join our affiliate program by creating an affiliate account. You must place your affiliate link and banners on your website and start earning commissions from referring users to our website.

You can get you affiliate link and banners on affiliate page on your account. We have a lot of banners with different sizes that you can embed on your website.

You can earn 50% for every purchase done by your referred person, for a period of 60 days, because the cookie expires after this period. Yes, we pay one of the highest commission percentage because we love our partners and want them to make money too.

We pay commissions once a month. Payments are sent to your PayPal account within 15 days from the end of the month.

You can check your affiliate statistics on affiliate page on your account.


If you want to create a beautiful website or blog you can use a fantastic web software called WordPress. The authors of WordPress like to say that: “WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time”.

Hundreds of community volunteers are building the core software and a lot of plug-ins and themes available for you, if you want to have an unimaginable website.

Now, WordPress is chosen by over 60 million people. This accessible platform allows users to transform their websites in an easy way, being a part of a world family.

You can learn more about that here or go ahead and join the 60 million WordPress users by downloading it.

For quicker WordPress development, there is “a WP framework, designed to be a flexible foundation”. The Framework make theme development accessible with no need of programming or design knowledge.

With a good framework, you can cut down the time for theme development and available features and functions allows you to build a project on top, having a solid theme foundation.

Tesla Framework is the easy way to do this, having the right set of features and functions, high-level updates and professional support. It is already included in main download package, so you haven’t to pay for it separately.

A WordPress Theme is an add-on for the WordPress platform, that gives the appearance, the look of website, accompanied by all the tools, templates and functions. It is a ready-to-use design, that not affects the content of the site, but it is changing the visual appearance and the features of this site.

Shortcodes have been introduced in WordPress 2.5 for creating macro codes, used in a post content. They represents a set of functions that can be used by you to create new page templates. Our shortcodes are already embedded in Tesla Framework and are quite ready for immediate use, once you’ve bought our theme.

We don’t offer web hosting for WordPress themes, but we can suggest you some WordPress hosting recommendations here.

Once you’ve bought a WordPress Theme or a Membership Subscription, you can benefit from a professional and qualified support. All the support inquiries can be posted on our forum, but you must check if your question isn’t answered already or to read FAQ, we are sure that a lot of major questions are answered already. Plus, you have our extensive documentation with instructions to help you to start. Please do not send support messages, write on Facebook or tweet your inquiries, is not the best way to solve it.

Theme Related

If you’ve downloaded our theme you need to unzip the main file. You’ll find in unzipped file an another archive, called [theme_name] Open your WP admin, go to Appearance and install it. You must activate the theme after installation. You can find more details in our documentation.

We always are keeping our themes up-to-date with the latest WordPress version.

We are updating our themes when WordPress releases a new software version, or when we’ve added a new theme feature. Also an update can be done when we’ve fixed a discovered bug. All the updates are free of charge and are provided to clients immediately.

Yes, we are providing theme .po files and you can translate your theme. Although our themes are localized, you can’t re-sell or re-distribute our themes, even if it is translated.

All our themes are widget ready, based on theme design.

We test our themes on all major browsers and we always assure a good cross-browser compatibility.

All our themes have built in SEO features that you can manage from your admin area. Additionally, their structure and semantic is optimized for search engines, to help your site rank better.

After care support

Usually we’re trying to answer all questions quickly and it can take up to 24h, depending on the volume of tickets in queue, but if there is a complex issue and it is weekend, it can take longer. Also, pay attention that we are in Europe and there is a difference between time zones, if you are living in Australia, for example.

Our support system is sending automatically notifications to your email when a question/ticket of you is answered. That’s why you don’t need to check frequently our forum and to worry if your thread was responded.

You will need an account for our website if you want to buy themes or membership, post comments, start topics on forum and became our affiliate partner.

Sometimes you’ll need to provide us your WP admin credentials, if your issue is more complex then usual. That will be helpful for us to understand and to intervene quickly in order to make changes or fix directly in your website. Plus, we assure you that all the provided information is confidential and is not shared with a third party.

Pre purchase

The payment process is pretty simple. You must be a registered user and logged in to add themes to cart. By pressing Purchase button, you’re buying a single theme. Once the desired theme is added, you can choose the payment method and proceed to checkout. If you press Subscribe button, you can choose between 3 memberships: Standard, Developer and Lifetime. Choose one option and select the payment method. You can proceed to checkout.

We accept 2 major payments methods: PayPal and 2Checkout. With the second, you can pay with credits cards.

If you have a discount voucher, you can introduce the code when you are in the cart section and benefit from discount.

Our themes can be customized as you desire. The provided PSD files and theme structure and options allows you to create a completely new look for your website. If you want our professionals to do that work for you, there is no problem, just get in touch with us.

You can use our themes in a personal or commercial project on as many websites as you like.

Yes, our themes are provided with XML files, which can be imported from WP admin and you can customize your theme having a content similar to our themes.

Usually, the experienced designers prefer to make changes in original design and to modify the theme appearance by changing the source files. But, you can change the theme appearance directly in the theme files, without having the PSD files.


A Standard license is suitable for personal sites or blogs. A Developer license is suitable for agencies, freelancers, developers willing to customize the themes for their clients, and includes the PSD files.

Yes, you can upgrade your membership subscription at any time and you’ll only need to pay the difference between subscription plans.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - 14 days. If for any reason you are not satisfied with TeslaThemes we'll issue a prompt and full refund. Just show us you actually can not achieve what you wanted because our Theme doesn't work as advertised, so we have the chance to make it better.

We will consider a refund within 14 days of your purchase date only if a defect is found and our technical support team failed to provide a solution for it.

Conditions for a Declined Refund.

We will not refund your purchase in the following situations:

  • If you never contacted our support team to rectify any issues found in our Themes
  • If there is a conflict with a 3rd party plugin. Our premium WordPress themes are built according to the WordPress standards and all the issues related to 3rd party tools should be addressed to them.
  • If you purchased the 'wrong' theme by accident.
  • Just because you changed your mind after the purchase
  • We are not responsible for your coding skills and WP knowledge. Still we are helping you with extended documentation
  • For subscribers: you have full access to your Dashboard for 365 days a year where you can terminate your subscription plan at any time by yourself. Hence any annual rebills are with your agreement therefore.

Once you’ve bought a theme or a membership subscription, you can benefit from a professional and qualitative support and theme updates for a one year period.