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Hudson – eCommerce WordPress Theme

  • Hudson WordPress Theme
  • Hudson WordPress Theme
  • Hudson WordPress Theme
  • Hudson WordPress Theme
  • Hudson WordPress Theme

Best for

Blog, eShop, online catalog, eCommerce website, or any other eCommerce related project. Use Hudson to sell your products or services easily, turn your website into a commercial success.


Hudson is a Premium eCommerce WordPress Theme with minimalist, modern, clean design and a complete set of eCommerce features to help you easily manage your online store. It is compatible with WooCommece – the most popular eCommerce plugin for WordPress and has everything you need to set up and run a successful eCommerce website.

We’ve packed Hudson with a lot of advanced features to facilitate the process of creating and setting up an eCommerce website. Some of these features include: custom posts, custom widgets, built-in shortcodes, social media integration, beautiful sliders with special offers, product lists with advanced filters, shopping cart, user account panel, rating system and much more.



Hudson is compatible with WooCommerce – the most popular eCommerce toolkit for WordPress. It includes a complete set of eCommerce features allowing you to: manage your products, orders, customers, inventory, shipping settings, and much more, all created to help you easily sell your products or services. It is also compatible with the most common payment gateways like Paypal, Credit Cards,  Bank Transfer and offers a wide range of additional extensions. You can manage and turn your online store into anything you wish, without advanced knowledge of web development. And the good news is that WooCommerce is completely free.


Hudson is powered by Tesla Framework, a powerful administration tool that comprises all our great features and allows you to easily customize the look and functionality of your theme, without advanced knowledge of programming. It gives you the possibility to customize and manage your theme settings from a dedicated area within your WordPress Admin.

Check out some of the cool features that Tesla Framework has to offer:

Tesla Framework

Unique features

Flat designClean Design – the elements of the layout have a beautiful representation with large spacing, bright colors and minimalist aesthetics. Highlight the products you are selling in a stylish way, attract the user’s attention and increase the conversion rate on your website.

Image sliderFeatured Slider – we’ve used the latest jQuery library, HTML5 and CSS3 to achieve awesome visual and transition effects. Use the slider to highlight your Special Offers, product discounts, latest items and more, in a stylish way.

PortfolioProduct List – a categorized online catalog with latest products. It also includes filters and sorting by popularity, rating, price and more. Users are able to add different items to the shopping cart without reloading the page, thanks to implementation with AJAX.

ShortcodesBuilt-in Shortcodes – we’ve created a rich set of shortcodes to facilitate the process of creating new components (no web development skills required). You can use shotcodes to create special offers, buttons, pricing tables, tabs, team members and more.

Social mediaSocial Media Support – the most popular social sharing services integrated: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and more. Connect your social media pages and make your brand more social.

Contact formContact & Subscription Form - a useful feature that allows users to send their messages and subscribe to your newsletter. Additionally, you can manage your subscribers form a dedicated back end area within your admin panel.

Google mapsGoogle Maps - the most popular service to represent your geographical location integrated. Simply type in your location name, preview the map, select a custom icon and save the data.

Custom postsCustom Posts - dedicated area in your WordPress admin where you can easily add new predefined elements (Offers, Partners, Team Members). All posts are customizable and are tailored to the design of the layout.

General Features

  • 12 columns grid
  • Custom widgets
  • Google Web Fonts
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • Cross Browser Optimization
  • Well-commented code
  • WooCommerce
  • Product management
  • User account pannel
  • Shopping cart
  • Rating system


The theme comes with extensive HTML documentation with snapshots and step by step instructions to help you easily set up and customize your website.


Adrian Davis August 1, 2013 Reply

Wow, really impressive theme. Love the soft colors.

tesla August 20, 2013 Reply

Thanks Adrian :)

paul September 4, 2013 Reply

So i was looking at this theme, but there is one thing that bothers me about it. When you are scrolled up all the way the ” my cart box is all the way visible but there is toggle left and right on the screen. Once you scroll down just a little bit there is no more toggle, and 25% of the box is now blocked and the words Checkout cant even be seen anymore. can this be changed and or fixed?

tesla September 5, 2013 Reply

Please visit our Support Forum and start a new topic with your issue.

paul September 4, 2013 Reply

I believe its the “hudson” theme

copkanroll October 8, 2013 Reply

Custom background? What a lie, you just say when you buy it to change colors from CSS, not in HUDSON theme.

tesla October 8, 2013 Reply


Hudson Theme was updated and now it has background color picker. Thanks for suggestion. Have a nice day!

copkanroll October 13, 2013 Reply

Thanks Tesla, you are not disappointing me. Definitely buying here again.

tesla October 15, 2013 Reply

You’re welcome, please let us know if we can help you out.

nikolas October 15, 2013 Reply

Can i use this theme for affiliates site without woocommerce? Can i replace “add to cart” button with Buy Now(affiliate link)? Is it possible to keep sidebar filtering functionality without ecommerce plugin?

tesla October 15, 2013 Reply

Hi nikolas, please contact us and our support will reply you, providing more details.

Aubrey October 17, 2013 Reply

Can you change the colors of the entire theme or just the background?

tesla October 18, 2013 Reply


Please go to our Support Forum and post a topic with your issue.


Novis October 17, 2013 Reply

I buy the theme, but I want to make some modifications to it. I want to put a dark color, add a background is possible?

Do you do that? How much do you charge for this service?

Srry my english

tesla October 18, 2013 Reply


Please go to our Support Forum and post a topic with your issue.


Giovanni Battaglia October 18, 2013 Reply

Is it possible to shutdown WooCommerce and to use this theme for a shop without eCommerce, but having visibility on all products?

tesla October 21, 2013 Reply


Please go to our Support Forum and start a new topic with your issue.


SAM November 14, 2013 Reply

HI, may i know how to enable the product Advance Filter?

SAM November 14, 2013 Reply

I go it.

tesla November 15, 2013 Reply

Hi Sam, that’s great, please use our support forums and documentation if you need more info or help. Regards.

SAM December 2, 2013 Reply

Hi TESLA, how do i customize the homepage. The homepage seems to be fix, i could not remove the Our services and etc..

tesla December 2, 2013 Reply

For support questions use our Support Forum.

Eric December 19, 2013 Reply

Hi Tesla

Hudson theme can support WPML?

tesla December 20, 2013 Reply

Hi Eric, at this time it’s not WPML compatible, but we’ll probably make it compatible in the future. You can use some free tools for translations, it works fine with them.

Nives December 20, 2013 Reply


can you tell me how can i for exaple use this theme if I already have a website (eshop) with determined background – is it possible to implement it on web shop – I don’t manage it, i just pay someone who sold us the whole eshop

tesla December 23, 2013 Reply

Hi Nives. If it is build on WP platform, you can easily install it as a theme and start building it from the flawless WP admin panel. Regards.

Acar January 4, 2014 Reply

Hi we would like to use the theme, we want to sell flowers, as well subscription based.
So we would need the following change, kindly ask you if you can make the change to this theme

We need the Basic functionality of the theme, PLUS this customizations needed

1. Flower Shops or individuals can register can register theier shops, or profiles and upload the flowers, or arangements they want to offer, with price and description
2. Anybody can buy directly the flowers one time purchase, or subscription based
3. as a platform gets a commission for each sell.

Thank you

tesla January 10, 2014 Reply

Hi Acar,

We’ll be back soon with a solution for you.


mcsh February 6, 2014 Reply


Is it possible to use Hudson with MarketPress e-commerce plugin?

tesla February 12, 2014 Reply

Hi, Hudson is compatible with WooCommerce, you can’t use it with MarketPress, but we could help you with a customization, please contact us for more details.

ulukai April 18, 2014 Reply

How can I make the translation of the theme files .PO do not work!

tesla April 18, 2014 Reply

Hi, if .po files won’t work for some reason, please use a plugin like Codestyling localization or qTranslate. It will manage all the things for you. Please use our support Forums for further questions.

zokir May 20, 2014 Reply

how can i want to past more products in front page?
i have hudson theme

zokir May 21, 2014 Reply

I solved all this in the next way:






zokir May 21, 2014 Reply

do_shortcode(‘[product_category category="rolli" per_page=12 ]‘)

tesla May 22, 2014 Reply

Hi, our support team replied you.

Michelle May 21, 2014 Reply

Hi. You have an offer of 14,99 $ until MAY 30 th, but when I press the GET ALL BUTTON to SUBSCRIBE there is still 45 $ fee/year.

tesla May 21, 2014 Reply

Hi, we’ve changed that, you can get any WordPress theme or subscription plan at only $14,99. Regards!

zokir May 21, 2014 Reply

now i need to auto scrolling partner list

nicolebarkis November 5, 2014 Reply

Hey Tesla Themes,

When are you going to incorporate the other basic backend functionality into this theme as some of your other great themes. Specifically, we need typographic functionality and a basic color selector to defined basic theme colors.

Any chance this can get incorporated? Thanks!

tesla November 12, 2014 Reply

Hi, thanks for suggestions, we will probably implement these features in the future. We’ll let you know when it’s done. Regards!

hsnyc January 30, 2015 Reply

Hi There,

I will like to know what fonts this theme is using? Thanks!

tesla February 2, 2015 Reply

It’s using Montserrat and Open Sans. Hope that helps.

anees muhammed January 31, 2015 Reply

One of the best woocommerce theme, I’ve added to my collection.

Having a support issue ? Please visit our Forum first.

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