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MyCountdown – Coming Soon WordPress Theme


Best for

Coming soon website, under construction website, landing page, event website, or anything related. Use MyCountdown to attract visitors’ attention and announce about an event in a cool manner.


MyCountdown is a Coming Soon WordPress Theme with responsive design and awesome functionality. If your site is under construction and you want to let your visitors know about your launching in advance, this template if definitely for you.

A “not found” page is not the best representation of a coming soon website, so we’ve created some cool features to help you leave a positive impression and keep your visitors up to date with your progress.

For that, we’ve introduced a beautiful customizable jQuery countdown, newsletter sign up, AJAX contact form  and amazing HTML5 and CSS3 effects and more.


The coolest element of this theme is its countdown, which compared to the Winterfell countdown, is more suggestive, which makes this theme especially useful for websites, blogs or organizations that plan to launch their new websites or services with a pre-announcement.

On the other hand, if we compare it to AXA, than MyCountdown is more simple, with less elements, which again, is great if you want to use it for a product or website launch, as a pre-announcement.

Unique features

Responsive designResponsive Design -  the design fits ideally and looks great on a wide range of devices and screen resolutions. This means that the layout will adjust and look accordingly on all desktop computers, laptops, smartphones or tablets.

Theme optionsTheme Options – a dedicated admin area where you can customize the visual appearance and functionality of your layout. Options are grouped by categories, so you can easily customize the template by related sections.

Post formatCustomizable jQuery Countdown –  a beautiful countdown with amazing effects. You can choose from 6 color themes to customize the appearance of the countdown, set up counting dates using a date picker, customize website title and logo.

Social mediaSocial Media Support – the most popular social media services integrated: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Flickr. Additionally, you can integrate your Twitter feeds in a dedicated area within the template.

Contact formAJAX Contact Form – a useful feature that allows users to send their messages instantly, without reloading the webpage. This makes the contact form a prompt and useful channel for feedback.

Google mapsGoogle Maps – the most popular service to represent your geographical location integrated. Just paste the code from Google Maps to embed your location in the website.

Newsletter sign upNewsletter Sign Up Form – integrated to capture your visitors’ emails and keep them up to date with your progress. All email addresses are stored in a .txt file and can be accessed from the “Subscribers” tab in theme’s admin area.


The theme comes with extended HTML documentation with snapshots and step by step instructions to help you easily set up and customize your website.


Anton Kabaev May 30, 2013 Reply

thank you for the theme.
Very dynamic. I suggets you’d synchronise the drop with the second.

tesla June 12, 2013 Reply

It is synchronize with the second check again ;)

1piedpiper August 29, 2013 Reply

Thank you for the terrific theme. Could I suggest more colour options would be desirable, the green is a little too whimsy.
The Ajax contact form is slow to response and the colours in the light versions are difficult to see for visitors and very small. It would do well with some improvement.

tesla August 30, 2013 Reply


Please go to our Support Forum, find MyCountdown section and start a topic with your issue. Don’t forget to describe it in detail.


Having a support issue ? Please visit our Forum first.

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