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The missing theme


Since acquiring Tesla Themes we have been in heavy optimization mode. For example, it turns out a bunch of the components which play heavy roles in the themes are outdated. Like WooCommerce templates and Visual Composer.

So we’ve been working hard at ensuring that everything is up to date and functional.

But it takes time.

Time to integration, design, and test. Then there is more testing, and additional after that.

For now, though, until we finish all of the updates, we’re wondering something.

What theme do you think is missing in the WordPress space?

Is there a theme you’ve wanted, but haven’t found yet?

Comment below to let us know. Maybe we can fill that void in the future.


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    28 Dec 2017

    Missing themes: - Coupon theme - All in one Directory theme - All in one submission theme - All in one Classifieds theme - Magazine theme

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