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  • arifboy
    TT Client

    My Hosting Support and Google Webmaster’s Support sent email about phising on my website that use universe theme.
    My website was just installed and now I uninstall it.
    I want to know is some themes from teslathemes contain hidden ads scripts?

    Here the Google Google Webmaster’s email

    <hr />

    Social engineering content detected on http://mywebsiteurl[.]com

    To: Webmaster of http://mywebsiteurl[.]com,

    Google’s Safe Browsing systems have detected that some pages on your site might be hacked or might include third party resources such as ads that are designed to trick users into installing malicious software or giving up sensitive information. To protect your site’s visitors, your site has been demoted in Google’s search results and browsers such as Google Chrome now display a warning when users visit your site.

    Act now to fix this problem and remove the warning:
    1. Identify compromised pages

    Check the example URLs in the “Security Issues” page in Search Console. Note that this page displays a list of samples and not an exhaustive list of problematic URLs.

    1. Remove the deceptive content

    If you’re having trouble identifying and removing all the problematic content on your site, consider restoring an older version of your site. If you have ads on your site, ensure that they are not designed to trick or deceive visitors.

    1. Secure your site from any future attacks

    Identify and fix any vulnerabilities that caused your site to be compromised. Change passwords for administrative accounts. Consider contacting your hosting service to assist with the issue.
    4. Request a security review

    Only do this once you’re sure your site is free of problematic content. Include any details or documentation that can help understand the changes made to your site.

    Request a review
    Here is a sample of URLs from your site where we detected social engineering content:



    Hello ,

    no , there are no hidden scripts nor adds in our themes.
    This sample url /images/db/box/ is not from themes folder at all.

    Best Regards.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

Report of Phising

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